From Research Residencies: SURVEYS (all images © marianne holm hansen)

MDOS Submissions, Doncaster Museum
Marianne Holm Hansen, 2006
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SURVEYS became the title for two collaborative, site-specific and inter-related residencies at Doncaster Museum and Cannon Hall Museum, Barnsley. In regarding the specific nature of each site, the residencies centred upon the role of collections and displays in the production and dissemination of knowledge.

The residency at Doncaster Museum specifically considered expertise and its role in gaining and maintaining the status of things.
In recognizing the diverse kinds of experience existing in and around the museum, The Most Desirable Object Survey [M.D.O.S] considered the subjectivity of knowledge and its interpretation. By allowing all staff and visitors to record their arguments for accessioning desired objects into the collection the Survey engendered discussions around the politics of display and the potential for presenting alternative and multiple versions of histories, memories and narratives.

At Canon Hall Museum, surveys - recording visitors' experience of the house and its collections - led to an extended exploration of how memory underpins the formation of knowledge and experience. The resulting publication; Memory Maps|Alternative Guides, invites others to do the same by exploring how collections may be sites for the (re)production of new knowledges and narratives. (Contact for printed copy)

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