from Circular Walks (a topography of repetition and chance), 2006|2007
CIRCULAR WALKS (and the notion of repetition)

CIRCULAR WALKS (and the notion of repetition) spans video|animation, drawing, photography and installation, to conceptually explore the notion of repetition and its potential as a model for progression.

The project, complex in its aim to combine a multitude of tangential themes in works spanning diverse media, aim to see the culmination of previously explored ideas relating to memory, status and position. It builds upon and encompasses works which explore mapping, methods for the [automatic] recording and plotting of experience and position in relation to space — as and where it takes place — as well as works seeking to consider how, if at all, the repetition of word or action can lead to progress of position.

Outcomes | Works includes
Untitled (the direction of travel) — drawings
Circular Walks (the drawings) — drawings
Small Wide Views — animation/ installation
A Circular Walk (an alternative guide) — DVD
Repeat After Me (common words and phrases) — DVD
100 Things Not Worth Repeating — Public Survey

The project somewhat pauses in the publication of the book 100 things not worth repeating: on repetition, LemonMelon, September 2011
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