[o], 2014 –
Work/ Research – in Progress
On Holes [gap, void, pause, silence, edit, cut ...] as catalyst or metaphor in situations where language falters or entirely fails
  For the Record, 2009 – 2011
Participation, Conversation, Publications
Project to consider the persistence of emotion [language use and exchange] within diverse sites and situations
  100 Things Not Worth Repeating, 2007-2011
Research, Participation, Presentation and Publication
Public survey project to collect and share examples of when repetition is futile. Project somewhat pauses in the publication of the book '100 things not worth repeating: on repetition', LemonMelon 2011
  Circular Walks (and the notion of repetition), 2006-2011
Research, Residency, Participation, Intervention
A project to explore repetition and its potential as a model for progression.
In part developed during residency at London Metropolitan University 2006|07.
Residency, Participation
Rule based residency towards the development of new work, using the internet as source and tool over a 9 week period
Produced by Rules and Regs in collaboration with videoclub, UK
Commission, Collaboration, Participation
Commissioned by Arts and Events, London Borough of Enfield
Commission to create a new map of Edmonton Green based on how its temporary and permanent inhabitants see, experience and navigate the area
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