100 things not worth repeating - on repetition.  2011

100 things not worth repeating: on repetition, 2011

Designed by Marit Münzberg
Published by LemonMelon , September 2011
£ 10 | Softback | 242 pp | 16.5 x 21.5 cm
ISBN 978-1-908260-01-7 | Edition of 350



100 THINGS NOT WORTH REPEATING:ON REPETITION is part of a series of projects by Marianne Holm Hansen that examine repetition in general, and the usefulness of assuming repetition as a model for progression, in particular.

In 2007, and in response to a situation where repetition of the same task was beginning to seem pointless, she initiated the project '100 things not worth repeating': an online public survey with the specific aim of collecting-to-share examples of when repetition proves futile. 434 people responded to the call. As survey responses were received, conversations regarding repetition in general, and the usefulness of assuming repetition as a method for progression, in particular, took place.

100 THINGS NOT WORTH REPEATING:ON REPETITION is the result of the survey and subsequent discussions. It presents 100 selected responses to the survey* contextualised by essays, texts and artworks 'on repetition' by David Berridge, Marina Gržinić, Rupert Hartley, Juliet Haysom, Roni Horn, Barbara Johnstone, Joan Jonas, James Morris, Jonathan Rée, Fred Scharmen, Mike Solomon, Sue Tompkins, Jill Townsley and Lucy Wilson.

*Survey contributions by: Trevor Giles, Aaron Head, Mandi Carter, Ian Smith, J. Brain, Gethan Dick, Bettina Linstrum, Viv Owen, Phillip Stearns, Barbara Harrison, Barry Smylie, Michele Fuirer, Daniel Wallis, Kristy Gosling, Helen Elizabeth Cocker, Amy Hodgson, Amber Ablett, Duncan Wooldridge, Charlotte Turton, Helen Grundy, Stephen Graham, Sarah Beck, Gonny van Hulst, Tom Hackett, Susie Cochrane, Sue Rowe, Susanna Byrne, Chimene Suleyman, Thalia Eccles, Katie Holten, Zoe Washington, David Parfitt, Maru Rojas, Lynn Lu, Eric Dever, Steve Hill, Katrina Parsey, George Lorio, Laura Pawson, Beth Heaney and 60 participants who have chosen to remain anonymous.

Funded by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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100 things not worth repeating - the Survey (2007-2011)
A public survey on the futility of assuming repetition as progression. Note: The open call for submissions to the book has now closed. However, you can still submit examples of futile repetitions which may be considered for inclusion in future works and presentations
Repetition is Futile: The First Interim Status Report (DVD, 2007)
Animation of 14 initial and affirmative responses to the survey. Collated for participation in the Chisenhale Biennale 2007, the report has since been presented at Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum's Biennial of Networked Art, 2007|08
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