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Still from Repeat After Me (Common words and phrases), 2008
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REPEAT AFTER ME (Common words and phrases)
DVD, 06'29

Using the limited phrase format of the traveler's guidebook, the repetitive dialogue of 'Repeat After Me' aims to bring into play the culture of language, universality and translation, and the potential of the [tourist] encounter. To this extent the work includes a consideration of how place – and our experience of and in place - is constructed and mediated through language, language culture and convention.

Screening History
Video in Progress - Fields of the Performative, Koroška galerija likovnih umetnosti, Slovenia (12|01 - 05|02|2012)
again: on repetition - an informal symposium on repetition in practice, [ space ], London (26|11|2011)
Donumenta 2011, Regensburg, Germany (15|09 - 04|11|2011)
Video in Progress - Fields of the Performative (Library), Vortex, Skopje, Macedonia (18 - 21|052010)
Screening 1, The Public, West Bromwich, UK (13|03 - 25|04|2010)
Video in Progress - Fields of the Performative, Kino Siska, Ljubljana (20|10 - 15|11|2009)
Common Ground, Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, UK (10|11|2009)
DARKLIGHT X: New World Order, Darklight Festival, Dublin (8 - 10|10|2009)
Recycled Frequencies, Wolstenholme Projects, Liverpool (24 - 31|05|2009)
The 5th Berlin International Directors Lounge, Scala, Berlin (5 - 15|02|2009)
Video Lounge at Alternative Film and Video - Memory, Academic Film Center, Belgrade (10 - 14|12|2008)

Production Details
Title: Repeat After Me (Common words and phrases)
Year of production: 2008
Format: DVD (DV)
Duration: 06'29
Language: Serbian|English
Director|Author: Marianne Holm Hansen
Cast: Aleksandra Sekulić; Marianne Holm Hansen
Production Support: Academic Film Center, Belgrade, 2008
© Belgrade and London, 2008
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