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Still from A Circular Walk (An Alternative Guide), 2006-7
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A CIRCULAR WALK (An Alternative Guide)
DVD, 03'33

'A Circular Walk (An Alternative Guide)' recounts – in things remembered – the experience of visiting a regional museum collection. Traveling along the circular walk – leading from the entrance to the exit – things are remembered rather than seen.
By creating a space for reflection and by relying on audience interpretation and imagination to [re]create the collection narrative, the work hope to create an awareness of how memory,  based on past experiences, encounters and beliefs, underpins interpretation and the making of meaning, and – in turn, the making of place.

Screening History
See The Voice: Visible Verse, Pacific Cinémathèque, Vancouver, Canada (19|11|2009)
On the Move: A Video Screening, Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, New York (20|03|2008)
Alternative Film and Video - Associations, Academic Film Center, Belgrade (5 - 9|12|2007)

List of Significant Achievements, Alternative Film|Video, Belgrade, 2008

Production Details
Title: A Circular Walk (An Alternative Guide)
Year of production: 2006-7
Format: DVD (DV)
Duration: 03'33
Language: English (subtitles - no sound)
Director|Author: Marianne Holm Hansen
Cast: Marianne Holm Hansen
© Barnsley and London, 2006-7
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