Residue of Praxis (London), 2012 - 2014
Preview for split-/two-screen projection (continuous loop | variable combination)

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© marianne holm hansen, 2006-

Evolving project to document responses to space and/ or embodying situation/ acting out/ and/ or testing out that which relates to/ comes from/ thinking and testing in/ with/ around and/ or trough practice and is and isn't otherwise performed/ enacted/ embodied/ engaged/ embedded and/ or ex[e][o]rcised

Title: Residue of Praxis (London)
Year of production: 2012 (-2014)
Production Format: Animated Photographic Stills
Screening Format: DVD for single (split) or two screen projection
Duration: Endless loop
Language: N/A
Director|Author: Marianne Holm Hansen
Cast: Marianne Holm Hansen
Copyright: Marianne Holm Hansen, London, 2012

BIOGRAPHY - Marianne Holm Hansen
Marianne Holm Hansen works across media including writing, drawing, photography, video and animation - to consider how we come to experience things [understand, embody, act out] as we do and how this, our potential for experiences, can be changed. Her work is exhibited, screened and presented widely and she has held research and production residencies in the UK, USA, France and Serbia. In 2011 she received an Arts Council England award to publish her first book project '100 things not worth repeating: on repetition' (LemonMelon, 2011)