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from Untitled (the direction of travel), 2005|2008
Variable installation of up to 150 drawings
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UNTITLED (the direction of travel)

Untitled (the direction of travel) records repeated journeys through museum and gallery spaces in an attempt to capture experience as - and where - it takes place.

By carrying drawing materials inside a box, the works are [automatically] produced by pencils wearing away against sheets of paper as they chase the steps taken across the gallery floors.

The work simply records action and its movement. However, in applying a pseudo scientific approach and analysing the marks as data, the work can arguably be interpreted to not only carry evidence to the mechanic movement of the journeys made, but - through the varying intensity of marks recorded - also, to the intensity of the experiences these journeys may have held? As such, and in addition to exploring how experience can be evidenced and made visible, the work may speak of interpretation and our desire to make meaning and sense from things - even where none exists.

Untitled (the direction of travel) consists of 150+ drawings and is an integral part of the project Circular Walks (and the notion of repetition)
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