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from Public Workshops, making The New Kew Illustrated Archive of Trees, Kew Gardens 2009
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...[in botanical illustration] the emphasis is on precision, close observation, and care in showing exactly how a leaf attaches to the stem, how the veins on the leaves are arranged and the types of hairs and their distribution, and similar attention to detail with the flowers
- Martyn Rix, Editor, Curtis's Botanical Magazine -

THE NEW KEW ILLUSTRATED ARCHIVE OF TREES was a collaboration with Royal Botanical Gardens' archivist Kiri Ross-Jones and librarian Julia Buckley. The project aimed to identify working practices from within the Herbarium, Library, Art & Archives, that could form the basis for workshop events to collaboratively create a new archive object - The New Kew Illustrated Archive of Trees.

Public workshops to explore the process of field research, record- and archive-making as well as the creation of botanical illustrations, took place in the Gardens as part of The Big Draw 2009 . As a result, the outcome of the project includes a new archive of almost 300 botanical illustrations and their accompanying notes. The archive has been accessioned into the Kew collections, from where it will be made available for public display, viewing and research.

Kew Workshops wins Drawing Inspiration Awards 2009 - Trailblazer

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