Encounters: 10 Words to John Hunter (DVD, 8 min)
Medicine at the Movies - Hunterian Museum, The Royal College of Surgeons of England, London, 2010
Participant Film Makers (full credits at end of film): Harry Bridgman, Vasant K Chaphekar, Maggie Freake, Mike Lefevre, Eve Ramon, Josephine Russell, Ellen Ryan, Thea Sandall, Toni Sharma, Penny Wesson and Non Worrall
Medicine at the Movies - a participatory project organised by the UK Medical Collection Group and taking place across 6 UK Museums - aimed at giving new audiences the opportunity to showcase their responses to select medical collections through film.

At the Hunterian Museum, artist Jean Campbell and artist|filmmaker Marianne Holm Hansen worked with 11 members of the over 60’s Club at the Mary Ward Centre, London, to produce a collaborative short film that capture participants' personal and collective interpretations and responses to the museum's collections.

The short film - Encounters: 10 Words to John Hunter (view it above!) - premiered at Hunterian Museum, London and Thackray Museum, Leeds, March 2010, and will be on continuous public display at the Hunterian Museum, 6 July - 11 September 2010.

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